Photos – Merchant Navy Sparks


Ernie Brown in new uniform, 1941


At home in Bradford, Ontario


SS Maasdam


Survivors of SS MAASDAM

Aboard MT HAVPRINS at Bristol, June 1941.

Back row L to R: Peter — Cabin Steward; E. Brown, 2 nd W/O; Sol Mendelsson, Pass.;

Marie Weimer, Nurse; Lillian Evans, Nurse; Mr. Zembsch, 4 th Eng.; Mr. De Roos, 2 nd Eng.;

Middle row: Milly Doame, Nurse [holding W/O’s dog]; Mr. Plouvier, 3 rd Eng.; J. Stewart, Pass.;

Mr. Overweel, 2 nd Mate; Tex Collins, USMC; Mr. Reimens, Chief Officer; Nancy Heberden, Nurse;

L Fulton, Nurse; Shirley Ralph, Nurse; Captain J. Boshoff; Mr. Jones, USMC.

Front Row: Chief Steward; Mac Phillips, Pass.; Mr. Diehl, 4 th Mate; Harry van Schaik, Chief W/O;

Cabin Steward; Herman Traill, USMC; Steward.

Also on board, but not in the photo:

Marion Goik, Nurse; Marion McGill, Nurse; Ruth Martin, Nurse;

Peiter Schutter, Chief Eng.; Jan Spaans, Gunner; J. Burger, Gunner;

and many crew members.

My copy of this photo was obtained from Gunner J. Spaans, also gunner on the MV TUVA, while we were in Reykjavik, Iceland, in September 1941.


Officers of MV TUVA aboard HMCS ST CROIX

L to R: Harry Mellor, Chief Wireless Officer; RCN Officer; Mr. de Vey, Asst. Eng.;

Mr. Kluwen, Chief Eng.; Mr. Remers, 4 th Eng.; Mr. Brouwer, 3 rd Mate; Mr. Van Dragt, 3 rd Eng.;

Captain A. van Duyn; Mr. Van der Hayden, Asst. Eng.; Cdr. Kingsley, RCN; RCN Officer;

Mr. Kris, 2 nd Mate; Mr. De Goede, 2 nd Eng.; E. Brown, 2 nd W/O; Mr. Vuik, Asst. Eng.

(Not in the photo: Mr. Wever, 1 st Mate; and 24 crew members.)

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